Dean Certifications

A Dean Certification or Student Conduct Verification is requested in order for us to report a student’s disciplinary record at FIU to other educational institutions, government agencies or employers to whom they have applied. A Student Conduct Verification is also requested by the Federal Government when they require information on a student. A release authorization from the student is mandatory, in either case.


A Dean Certification may be requested for other reasons, including:

  • Application for the Bar
  • Transferring from FIU to another institution
  • Acceptance into Graduate Programs
  • A request for a Conduct Letter
  • Background information for a new employer
  • Scholarships
  • Volunteering

In order to have your Dean Certification successfully completed, please ensure you have:

  1. Signed and dated certification(s)
  2. Enclosed a stamped and addressed envelope for each certification, ensuring that that the mailing address is to the requested institution. Please note that our office is not responsible for errors made on addresses.
  3. If you choose not to provide a stamped self-addressed envelope, you may provide us with your telephone number in order for us to contact you once the form is complete and ready for pick up. Please note forms are placed in a signed and sealed FIU envelope for verification & security purposes.
  4. If you are sending a Dean Certification to another academic institution, be sure to find out from their representative if they permit fax copies of Dean Certifications, if they do you are required to provide us with the fax number so our office may fax the document directly to that institution.
  5. If your form requires graduation verification, transcript requests, GPA or any type of academic verification, please send your form directly to the Registrar’s Office in PC 130 and they will forward it to us once they have completed that portion of the form.
  6. If no academic verification is required, forms may be directly mailed, faxed or hand delivered to our address.

Important: We will not process Dean Certifications without authorization from the student and a method of delivery of the certification to the institution. FIU does not provide envelopes or stamps.  All forms MUST be submitted ten to fifteen business days prior to their deadline.