Dean Certifications and Student Conduct Verification


A Dean Certification or Student Conduct Verification is requested in order for us to report their disciplinary record at FIU to educational institutions, government agencies or employers to whom they have applied. A Student Conduct Verification is also requested by the Federal Government when they require information on a student. A release authorization from the student is mandatory, in either case.


A Dean Certification may be requested for other reasons, including:

  • Application for the Bar
  • Transferring from FIU to another institution
  • Acceptance into Graduate Programs
  • A request for a Conduct Letter
  • Background information for a new employer
  • Scholarships
  • Volunteering

In order to have your Dean Certification successfully completed, please ensure you have:

  1. Signed and dated certification(s)
  2. Enclosed a stamped and addressed envelope for each certification, ensuring that that the mailing address is to the requested institution. Please note that our office is not responsible for errors made on addresses.
  3. If you choose not to provide a stamped self-addressed envelope, you may provide us with your telephone number in order for us to contact you once the form is complete and ready for pick up. Please note forms are placed in a signed and sealed FIU envelop for verification & security purposes. (Not sure if this makes sense)
  4. If you are sending a Dean Certification to another academic institution, be sure to find out from their representative if they permit fax copies of Dean Certifications, if they do you are required to provide us with the fax number so our office may fax the document directly to that institution.
  5. If your form requires graduation verification, transcript requests, GPA or any type of academic verification, please send your form directly to the Registrar’s Office in PC 130 and they will forward it to us once they have completed that portion of the form.
  6. If no academic verification is required, forms may be directly mailed, faxed or hand delivered to our address.

Important: We will not process Dean Certifications without authorization from the student and a method of delivery of the certification to the institution. FIU does not provide envelops or stamps.

All forms MUST be submitted ten to fifteen business days prior to their deadline.






















Judicial holds are not placed on your account by the Office of Student Conduct. Your case is only referred to our office for review and once you have completed the Admission Clearance process, a recommendation is made by our Committee, forwarded to the Office of Admissions at which time they will make a decision on admissions. Please note carefully that judicial holds are not immediately reversible and neither does it go away by submitting a new application. Example: If you applied in the summer of 2008, answered yes to one of the conduct questions on our application but never attended the institution, then re-apply for Spring of 2011 the hold from 2008 will still appear as you had not gone through the admission clearance process at the time of your original application . (Not sure if relevant)

When an applicant sees a judicial hold on their online application, it is an indication that you have answered “yes” to one of the (3) conduct questions on the form. When this occurs, the Undergraduate, Graduate Admissions Offices or the Registrar’s Office will place a hold on your application and refer your case to our office. Of the (3) types of judicial holds the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict processes behavioral and legal misconducts. The following indicates the categories of misconduct in detail and the steps you will need to take in order to have your case processed in a timely manner:



Please note if a student responded yes to a previous academic misconduct, they need to contact the office of Academic Affairs. If you send these documents to our office they will be forwarded to Academic Affairs as the Office of Student Conduct is not responsible for processing these cases. Incidents such as cheating or plagiarism that you may have been disciplined for at another institution constitute Academic Misconduct. Cases of academic dismissal, suspension or being placed on probation due to poor grades ARE NOT CONSIDERED TO BE ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT.



Situations/Instances in high school where you were suspended for fighting or causing any other  disruptive behavior, will require you to indicate “yes” on you application, or if you had been sanctioned by your previous or current university. In either of these cases you are required to provide us with the following:

  1. A detailed personal statement of the incident.
  2. Copies of letters regarding the incident (College & Universities) charge letter, outcome letter and proof that sanctions have been completed.
  3. A letter of good standing from the school or college you were attending at the time the incident occurred, indicating whether or not you left that institution in good conduct standing. Please note the letter from the school or college must be on the institutions letterhead.



If you indicated on your application that you had been convicted of or charged with a criminal offence or you are currently the subject of any criminal proceedings, we will require you to submit the following to our office:

  1. A detailed personal statement about the incident or incidents; your statement must be clear indicating what happened for each charge(s).
  2. A copy or copies of the final charges & disposition; which may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts that handled the case(s).
  3. If your case has been expunged, the Clerk of Courts will be able to provide you with the required document that will proof same.
  4. Proof of the completion of all the court requirements such; probation, community service, classes etc.
  5. If applicable; the name and contact number of your probation officer.
  6. If you have a pending case, please provide a letter from your attorney indicating what they believe the outcome of your case will be and if the court should find you guilty what would be the most likely outcome.



If you had previously submitted information to our office and have no new misconduct to report, you are required to provide us with a personal statement that indicates the following:

  1. That you had previously submitted documents regarding the misconduct you have reported on your application
  2. State “there is no new academic, behavioral or legal misconduct to report”