Admissions Clearance

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If you have a judicial hold on your online application, it is an indication that you have answered “yes” to one of the conduct questions on the application. Those questions are:

Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action or do you currently have a disciplinary charges pending by any educational institution for any of the following two reasons?

1. Academic Misconduct (such as cheating)?  (You do not need to disclose any academic dismissal, suspension, or probation that was due to poor grades.)

2. Behavioral Misconduct (such as fighting)?

 Have you ever been convicted of, or charged with, a criminal offense or are you currently the subject of any criminal proceeding?

When this occurs, the Undergraduate, Graduate Admissions Offices or the Registrar’s Office will place a hold on your application and refer your case to our office. Of the (3) types of judicial holds the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict processes incidents involving behavioral and legal misconduct ONLY. The following details the steps you will need to take in order to have your case processed in a timely manner:


Situations/Instances in high school where you were suspended for fighting or causing any other  disruptive behavior, will require you to indicate “yes” on you application, or if you had been sanctioned by your previous or current university. In either of these cases you are required to provide us with the following:

(1) A detailed personal statement of the incident.

(2) Copies of letters regarding the incident (College & Universities) charge letter, outcome letter and proof that sanctions have been completed.

(3) A letter of good standing from the school or college you were attending at the time the incident occurred, indicating whether or not you left that institution in good conduct standing. Please note the letter from the school or college must be on the institutions letterhead.


If you have been charged with or convicted of a criminal offense, or are currently the subject of a criminal investigation you are required to provide us with the following:

(1) A detailed personal statement of the incident.

(2) Copies of the final disposition of the case from the Clerk of Courts from the county in which your case was processed.

(3) Proof of completion of any court-sanctioned programs (i.e. anger management course, community service hours, etc.)

(4) If applicable, the name and contact information of your probation officer


Please note if a student responded yes to a previous academic misconduct, they need to contact the office of Academic Affairs. If you send these documents to our office they will be forwarded to Academic Affairs as the Office of Student Conduct is not responsible for processing these cases. Incidents such as cheating or plagiarism that you may have been disciplined for at another institution constitute Academic Misconduct. Cases of academic dismissal, suspension or being placed on probation due to poor grades ARE NOT CONSIDERED TO BE ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT.